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Are you looking for an internet subscription? We advise everyone to first make an internet comparison and not go directly to the website of the internet provider. Why? When you compare the internet, you quickly identify which internet subscription best suits your situation. Comparing with the internet you indicate your personal preferences and you always have something to choose and therefore to compare. So, what requirements do you propose to an internet package? 

To start with internet, first compare the postcode check above. As a result, you can quickly and clearly see which type of internet is available at your address: ADSL, cable, fiber, or all. Where ADSL and cable internet are available almost everywhere, fiber optic internet has not yet been rolled out in all municipalities. Do you want to be able to call and / or watch TV besides just internet ? Then compare the internet and TV and everything in 1 packages to your address simply by selecting the right package filters in the internet comparator.

Consider before you compare what kind of internet you are looking for. The type of internet and internet speed is related to each other. For example, fiber optic internet is supplied from at least 50 Mbit / s and cable from at least 40 Mbit / s. If you are a small user, a package below 50 Mb / s is sufficient. ADSL internet is then the best and cheapest option. You already have ADSL internet from 20 Mbit / s. Do you, on the other hand, often use the internet and several people at the same time? Then it is advisable to opt for a higher Internet speed and a more stable connection, for example cable or optical fiber with 100 Mbit / s.
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